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Fixed Indemnity Plans

Fixed Indemnity Plans

Benefits in a Card offers three levels of fixed indemnity plans for our clients: Basic, Enhanced, and Premier. Our fixed indemnity plans provide first-dollar coverage towards indemnity services with no deductibles or copayments.

Why Choose Us?

The concept of indemnity plans are all essentially the same, but how a plan is implemented and managed makes all the difference in the world. And at Benefits in a Card, our true strength is in our best-in-class customer care and in that you get access to other non-indemnity benefits (dental, vision, term life, short-term disability, accident, and critical illness) on an individual and standalone basis. This allows you to provide your employees with the flexibility to choose a benefits plan that is best for them without making elections for coverage they might not need.


Aggregated weekly vs. monthly

All of Benefits in a Card’s plans are aggregated on a weekly basis to meet the unique needs of the staffing industry. Some providers vary in how their plans are aggregated. If a plan is aggregated monthly, it can result in your employees needing to provide an alternative payment method, which will ultimately discourage participation.

Choose from three levels of indemnity plan

Benefits in a Card offers three levels of indemnity plan: Basic, Enhanced, and Premier. Each higher level provides an increased first-dollar coverage amount for your employees. You also have flexibility in which level(s) you offer. Some clients choose to offer only one indemnity offering; others offer all three. Ultimately, you can choose the plan, or plans, that best fit your particular company.

Best-in-class customer care

Benefits in a Card boasts a 23-year legacy of compassionate and caring service to all of our customers. All of our customer care representatives are bilingual and certified insurance agents. As such, they are able to provide consulting and guidance to your employees as they choose the best benefits offerings for their particular needs. Also, when your employees call our Customer Care Center, we immediately and directly connect them to a live representative.

Access to non-indemnity benefits a la carte

Many providers require you to enroll in their indemnity plans in order to access other non-indemnity benefits, such as dental, vision, and term life insurance. Not with us! The true beauty of Benefits in a Card is that you are empowered to assemble competitive benefits packages for your employees that are affordable and that can be tailored to their particular needs.