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Health Care Insurance for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Benefits in a Card offers best-in-class healthcare insurance plans that are ideal for staff in the hospitality and tourism industries (hotels, tourism, and theme parks to name a few).

We have a 23-year legacy of serving the staffing industry, and we have perfected the management of our plans to reduce your workload and stress, while dramatically improving your employees’ benefits enrollment experience and claims process.

Are our insurance plans right for you?

Our insurance plans are well-suited for the wide variety of hospitality and tourism companies throughout the USA. In fact, our plans work well no matter the industry, so long as the workforce is generally lower wage and higher turnover. The following are just a few examples of the types of companies that our insurance benefits are well-suited for:

  • Hotels and lodging
  • Event planning
  • Theme parks
  • Transportation
  • Cruise lines
  • Tourism
  • And many more fields within the tourism industry

Insurance for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Minimum Essential Coverage

Benefits in a Card offers Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) wellness-preventive plans to the hospitality and tourism industries. Our MEC plan satisfies the A Portion (or “A Tax”) of your employer mandate and the employee’s individual mandate. It also satisfies the B Portion of the employer mandate, so long as your employee accepts your offer of Minimum Essential Coverage.

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Minimum Value Plan (High Deductible)

Benefits in a Card offers major medical insurance as well, in the form of our Minimum Value Plan (MVP) High Deductible (hd) insurance plan. This plan satisfies both the A and B-portions of the employer mandate and the individual mandate, though it carries a high employee deductible.

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Fixed Indemnity Plans

You can also offer one of our three fixed indemnity levels: Basic, Enhanced, and Premier. These plans provide first-dollar coverage to your employees and do not carry deductibles or require copays on indemnity services. These health care insurance plan options are ideal for employees of hospitality and tourism companies.

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Ancillary Services

Benefits in a Card also offers six ancillary, non-indemnity services: accident, term life, dental, vision, critical illness, and short-term disability. You may purchase these plans individually or bundle them with other plans.

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Benefits for the Hospitality Industry

Reduced stress and paperwork

Our plans are all expertly managed to reduce your stress, workload, and paperwork. When it comes to offering healthcare to the hospitality industry, experience matters! And we have a 23-year legacy of excellence in providing insurance benefits to the staffing industry. Experience a new way of doing insurance with Benefits in a Card. You deserve it!

Bilingual, Certified Customer Care

Your employees will have direct access to our in-house, best-in-class customer care team. All of our representatives are bilingual and certified insurance agents. And they are all passionate about doing their jobs well and serving your employees in the best way possible.

Mitigate your company’s risk

The Affordable Care Act has made offering insurance to your employees a risky business to handle on your own. There are many penalties and regulations that many hospitality and tourism companies are still confused about, and many insurance partners do not aid in easing this confusion and stress. That is why we make it a point to help all of our clients understand the risks and how to best mitigate them.

Tailored enrollment process

One size does not fit all, and we get that! That is why we take the time necessary to implement and aggregate your insurance plans properly for your hospitality company. We take the time to understand your employees and company structure, and we help guide you through the entire process. The results include less stress, better implementations, and happier employees.