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Health Care Insurance for Hospitals and Medical Staffing Companies

Benefits in a Card is the ideal partner for hospitals, clinics, and other medical staffing companies.

We offer insurance benefits that ensure your company mitigates its exposure to ACA penalties, while also ensuring that you provide your employees with excellent insurance coverage. And with a 23-year proven track record, we are your top choice for your employees’ insurance needs.

Are our insurance plans right for you?

Our insurance plans are ideal for companies with generally lower wages and higher turnover, which is the case for most general medical staffing companies. For example, our services are ideal for:

  • Hospital staff
  • Clinical staff
  • Medical administration staff
  • Medical office staff
  • And more

Insurance for Hospitals and Medical Staffing Companies

Minimum Essential Coverage

Our Minimum Essential Coverage (or MEC) is a wellness-preventive plan. It satisfies the A Portion (also known as the “A Tax”) of the employer mandate and the employee’s individual mandate. It will also satisfy the B Portion of the Employer Mandate if an employee accepts your offer of coverage.

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Minimum Value Plan (High Deductible)

Our Minimum Value Plan (MVP) High Deductible (hd) plan is our major medical insurance option for hospitals and medical staffing companies. This plan satisfies both the A and B-portions of the employer mandate. It also satisfies the individual mandate. This MVP plan does, however, carry a high deductible for your employees.

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Fixed Indemnity Plans

Medical staffing companies and hospitals can also choose to offer our fixed indemnity insurance plans. These plans have three levels of coverage for indemnity services. Each level offers first-dollar coverage towards indemnity services without requiring deductibles or copayments.

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Ancillary Services

One of the unique factors about Benefits in a Card is that we offer our six ancillary services a la carte. That means you can choose to offer any of these individual services independently of any other plan. These services include: dental, vision, term life, accident, short-term disability, and critical illness.

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Benefits for Hospitals and Medical Staffing Companies

Best-in-class customer care

Like you, our customer care representatives are passionate about serving people, and we understand the unique challenges that individuals face when making claims or seeking answers about their insurance. That is why all of our staff are certified insurance agents, bilingual, and passionate about serving your employees.

Reduce your risk

The sheer size of the Affordable Care Act has made it difficult for many hospitals and medical staffing companies to know whether they are exposed to risk or not. That’s where we can help! We provide you with the guidance and knowledge you need to know what penalties you are exposed to and how to mitigate them.

Serving the staffing industry since 1992

Our team has been serving the staffing industry since 1992, and over the years, we have perfected our processes and methods. If you want to experience the difference a seasoned insurance partner can make, call us today to find out how we can best serve you.

Making our process work for you

Why should you be burdened with lots of paperwork and stress as you implement your insurance plans? There’s no reason why! That is why we make sure we do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. We make sure our implementation processes are smooth and work for you (not the other way around).