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MEC Plan

Minimum Essential Coverage Plan

Benefits in a Card offers a Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) wellness-preventative plan for the staffing industry. Our MEC plan is designed to satisfy both the A Portion (also referred to as the “A Tax”) of the employer mandate and the individual mandate. It also satisfies the B Portion if your employees accept your offer of coverage. The MEC is a wellness and preventative plan that covers 63 wellness/preventative services (increasing to 67 in 2016).

Why Choose Us?

Ultimately, MEC plans are precisely defined by the Affordable Care Act, and every company is essentially offering the exact same product at similar prices. But that does not mean that all MEC plans are the same. At the end of the day, the key difference for MEC plans comes in how the plan is managed and implemented. All of Benefits in a Card’s plans are aggregated weekly and are expertly managed by our best-in-class customer care team.


Minimum Essential Coverage Plan

A number of other providers have greatly struggled with managing MEC implementations—we have not. The key reason is that we are equipped to aggregate the plan weekly, a way that matches the unique needs of staffing companies.

Satisfies the A Portion of the Employer Mandate and B Portion if accepted

Our Minimum Essential Coverage Plan (MEC) satisfies the A Portion of the Employer Mandate. It also satisfies the Employee Mandate.The MEC plan is a wellness and preventative plan, covering 63 (67 in 2016) wellness and preventative services.

Reasonable participation requirements

100% of our clients met our reasonable participation requirements in 2015. Our participation requirements are very reasonable, and we do our best to help you properly implement the MEC and drive higher participation. Our MEC plan helps you mitigate your risk.

Savings average 89% of their MEC funding

Our clients have an average savings of 89% of their MEC funding that they can put back towards other benefits. The true beauty of Benefits in a Card system is that you can use your MEC funding to further fund additional benefits, such as dental and term life.