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Minimum Value Plan (high deductible)

Benefits in a Card offers a Minimum Value Plan (MVP) High Deductible (hd) solution for staffing companies in the USA. Our MVPhd is designed to satisfy both the A and B-portions (also referred to as the “A Tax” and “B Tax”) of the employer mandate, as well as the individual mandate. The MVPhd is major medical insurance and is aggregated weekly to meet the unique needs of the staffing industry.

Why Choose Us?

MVPhd plans are precisely defined to meet the Affordable Care Act’s 60% actuarial value requirement. The plan is specifically designed for employers to satisfy the A and B portions of the employer mandate. However, these plans do carry a high deductible for employees.


Tailored enrollment process

Our enrollment process for the MVP-hd is specifically designed to reduce the employer’s cost in premium contributions, while ensuring each of your employees understands the best benefits options available to them and their families. Enrollment takes place via telephone to ensure employees understand the MVPhd and what options are available to them.

Satisfies the A & B Portion of Employer Mandate

Our Minimum Value Plan (high deductible) satisfies the employer’s A and B portions of the Employer Mandate. It also satisfies the Employee Mandate. However, by offering this plan to your employees, you will disqualify your employees from receiving a subsidy at the Healthcare Exchange.

Best-in-class customer care

Benefits in a Card offers the best customer care in the industry—to employers and employees alike. All of our customer care representatives are bilingual, and are certified insurance agents. They offer top-notch consulting to your employees to help navigate them to the right benefits decision for them.

Access to Benefits a la carte

Many provides require high-cost indemnity plans in order to access other benefits, such as term life, dental, and vision insurance. The true beauty of Benefits in a Card is that you can access these benefits a la carte, which empowers you to create a competitive, yet affordable, benefits offering for your employees.