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Haven’t you been through enough change?

Haven’t you been through enough change?

August, 17th, 2019

Last week, a leading benefits provider in the staffing industry announced the finer details of their highly anticipated fully insured, no-minimum participation MV plan. What was originally touted as an essential solution for the staffing industry turned out instead to be a costly mess that fell far short of original promises.

In fact, this plan is so bad that, if implemented, it could cost you up to two to three times more than the potential government penalties it was designed to avoid!

Is this the new norm?

Sadly, this is just one more example in our industry of the constant change and failed promises that have become the new norm. Because of the complexity of the ACA, a lot of companies rely on the advice of their provider or a consultant to help them make the right benefits decisions. However, many providers and consultants will only steer you towards their product and their gain, rather than pushing you to the right solution for YOU.


Say “No!” to more failed plans and promises!

Last week was the last straw for us at Benefits in a Card. We are the first benefits provider to exclusively serve the temp staffing industry, and we boast a 23-year legacy of compassionate service to our clients. Unlike many of our competitors, we have chosen to follow a more conservative approach to ACA compliance because we believe it is unacceptable to subject our clients to the chaos of a “build it as we go” approach.

Rather, we have been the silent champions of the idea that the best solutions are often the simplest. But we have been too quiet about the benefits of this approach. That is until now. 2016 is coming soon, and none of us have any more time or energy for more failed promises or botched implementations.

Say “Yes!” to better solutions!

At Benefits in a Card, we can show you how you can offer ACA-compliant plans with limited employer contributions that provide long-term sustainable solutions at the most affordable cost. But more importantly, we will not promise you the moon unless we can build you the rocket ship and take you there ourselves.

If you’re frustrated with your current provider’s offerings or are looking for a partner that you can trust to do the right thing for your company, please contact us for a second opinion on your current benefits offerings and an alternative proposal.